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24th Annual Holiday Party 2022

In-Person Event

Imagine for a moment, it’s the holidays and you and your siblings are ready for the season with a day created just for YOU! A world of wonder awaits and as you look across the venue, you see decorations, aisles lined with booths and games, families talking story and catching up, and of course, Mr. and Mrs. Claus greeting all of the children and youth with presents just for them. And you know, it’s that magical time of the year, again!


It’s 2022 and Family Programs Hawaii is ready to make all of this come true with yet another unforgettable holiday party. And we’re back… to an in-person celebration. This year, we plan to provide the fun and entertainment that only an in-person gathering can bring to life.


Please join us in supporting Family Programs Hawaii at the 24th Annual Holiday Party in December 2022. “You Are Amazing” is the theme for our 2022 Holiday Party and we want every keiki to come away with the pride of knowing that they matter and can go the distance.


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Do You Want to Be Involved with the Holiday Party in 2022? Please contact us if you, your family, or your company wants to help make holiday magic for children and families involved in foster care.


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Our mission is strengthening youth and families in care to empower communities. And the holiday party is the opportunity for each and every child to flourish this holiday season. At this unconventional, yet traditional holiday festivity, no child, no family, no one leaves empty-handed. This year’s event theme – “Encourage and Empower Our Youth to Flourish – reflects our efforts to support the island’s youth. Join us.

Chiyomi Chow

Director of Programs, Co-Chair of 24th Annual Holiday Party

Jennifer Yang

Co-Chair of 24th Annual Holiday Party

2021 Recap – Thank You for Helping Our Youth to Flourish

Family Members give a shaka in their car at the drive-through Annual Holiday Party Event for families involved in foster care at Family Programs Hawaii


“I told the kids, ‘We can’t let it [the pandemic] stop us from living life. And remember, it should be a good one, too.’ Family Programs Hawaii proved that it’s possible to make great memories. The holiday party was more than anything I expected from a drive-thru. The happy and festive atmosphere was amazing… we just couldn’t help but smile and feel so blessed that all this was put on for “our” little ones!”

~Annella (Resource Caregiver)                                                     


On behalf of our staff, Board of Directors, and the foster community that we serve, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to everyone for allowing our tradition to continue. Together, we helped our youth to flourish and created a unique celebration for 1,300-plus Oahu children from over 350 families. We recognize your compassion, determination, and drive to create better futures for our keiki in care.

While remaining in their cars, families drove through the giveaway lane and received gifts from our sponsors and community supporters. Photos were taken with each family at the digital photo booth as smiling faces peered through car windows. Along the way, volunteers, including members of the Honolulu Police Department cheered, gave gifts, waved signs and danced to music. Not just one, but TWO large food bags of fresh produce and groceries from local farms and businesses were passed out. But the true culmination of the event were the presents from Santa. Every child and youth received hand-wrapped gifts chosen especially for them. Families drove away feeling the spirit of the holidays, knowing that they, too, were part of a bigger ‘ohana.


“Snow. Santa and Mrs. Claus. A machine blowing bubbles. Everywhere, there were giveaways. Friendly faces smiled and waved at us while we enjoyed the car ride. But the best part was how happy the kids were the whole time. It was nothing but a good time the whole drive-thru. Thanks for making us feel special.”

~Steve (Adoptive Father and Resource Caregiver)