Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Provides social work services to find the best adoptive home for a child on the island of Oahu


Wendy’s Wonderful Kids offers proactive, child-focused recruitment of adoptive families for children who have been placed in long-term foster care.  Sponsored by the Dave Thomas Foundation, this unique program provides intensive social work services to find the best adoptive home for a child by exploring all facets of the child’s family, school, and friendship circles, as well as recruiting families from the broader community.



Mindy Chung




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Adoptions in 2016

Adoption with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids aims to increase the number of foster children placed with loving, adoptive or guardianship families in Hawaii through:
• Developing supportive and warm relationships with children waiting to be adopted/legal guardianship
• Providing information and resources to prospective and adoptive/guardianship parents; Training and support for adoptive parents in Hawaii
• Increasing community awareness of foster care adoption
• Streamlining the adoption process
• Improving the quality of life for children in the permanent care of the Hawaii State Department of Human Services by providing a “forever” family in Hawaii

COVID-19 Update:

Wendy’s Wonderful  Kids and Ka Pili ‘Ohana programs continue to support our children and families with phone and video conferencing support.


• Case management services for children in long-term foster care who are ready for adoption
• Recruitment and screening of adoptive families and legal guardians
• Development a customized recruitment plan for each child
• Completion of in-depth case reviews and assessments to determine each child’s strengths, challenges, desires, and preparedness for adoption/guardianship


Oahu, Hawaii

All children, ages 0-17, who are in the permanent care of the Hawaii State Department of Human Services Child Welfare System are eligible for the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program in Hawaii.

Children’s Voices

It was really difficult because we were split up for so long. If we had had a family or place to take all of us in and keep us together, it would have been way better.”

-child formerly in foster care, Hoomalu O Na Kamalii

Mindy Chung


“As a former adopted youth, it has been a privilege to help find forever families for those youth in Hawaii’s foster care system. They teach me on a daily basis that a person’s future is not dictated by their past, and the the best is truly yet to come!

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