In-Kind Donations

Gifts of Goods or services to children in foster care


“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”


Your generous donation will impact the lives of children and families across Hawaii. We strengthen families to stay together and out of foster care. We help children and families involved in foster care by providing support, shelter, and permanency options. We work with youth as they age out of foster care to prepare them for life as young adults.


3 Easy Steps to Make a Donation that will Change Lives for the Children and Families in Hawaii

1. Purchase your donation

2. Fill out the form below or contact us to arrange for the drop off

3. Drop off your donation at the specified time and place of your appointment

Donate to Children's ShelterDonate Toys for the Holidays

Donate to a Children’s Shelter

Ho’omalu o Na Kamali’i is a unique shelter for Hawaii’s children and youth, ages 4-17 years old in foster care that allows sibling groups to stay together when they have been removed from their homes due to alleged abuse or neglect. Siblings are normally taken to different shelters according to their age and gender, which can cause further trauma during this difficult time. The home is staffed 24/7 by a group of individuals dedicated to ensuring their safety and health at all times. Our keiki and youth at Ho’omalu continue their daily routines to avoid further interruption to their lives and attend school, as well as participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports and after school programs.

The following is a list of specific items requested by the youth to help make their stays even happier and more stable.

GIFT CARDS of any monetary value for any of the following:

      • Grocery stores (i.e. Foodland, Sack ʻn Save, Costco)
      • Gas stations (i.e. Hele, Costco)
      • Activity centers (i.e. Ice Palace, iTrampoline, Consolidated Theatres)


      • Cases of: spam, chicken noodle soup, ramen noodles, chili, mixed vegetables, corn, or tuna
      • Rice (50 lb. bag)
      • Bottled water – individual sizes (emergency / natural disaster / hurricane use)


      • Razor – type Scooters
      • Basketball Rim
      • Plastic plates, cups, bowls (15)
      • 10 Bedroom dressers (with 4 cubicles)
      • Arts & Crafts supplies (appropriate for ages 4-17)
      • Karaoke machine & mic
      • Twin size mattress protectors
      • Pillow protectors
      • Telescope
      • Video games for Wii and Xbox 360
      • Game Consoles
      • Volleyball net
      • Baking Pans
      • Frying Pans
      • Knee and elbow pads
      • Bike helmets
      • Water hose/sprinkler
      • Tether ball
      • Bicycles (appropriate for ages 4-17)
      • Bicycle pumps or mini air compressor
      • Outdoor rocking chair (helps calm youth during crisis)
      • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap)
      • Household cleaning items (Clorox wipes, etc.)
      • Clothing
        Plain t-shirts: Female and Male (children sizes for ages 4-17)
        Shorts: Female and Male (children sizes for ages 4-17)
        Slippers (children sizes for ages 4-17)
      • Lego sets, puzzles
      • Holiday Decor
      • Halloween Costumes
      • Birthday Decoratioins


      • Youth Bikes for Ages 4-16
      • Soil for Gardening
      • Gardening Supplies

Home repair services, light handy work

      • Painting – doors & frames
      • Plumbing
      • Cabinetry for Kitchen

Donate Toys or Gift Cards for the Holidays

The Annual Holiday Party  is our signature event, in which our keiki and youth in Hawaii’s foster care system are provided with a holiday celebration alongside the families that care for them. For nearly two decades, Family Programs Hawaii has worked with 1,000s of volunteers and staff to help organize a social and familial gathering that reinforce how special our children are, no matter where they may have come from, what they have been through, or their current situations. Each year, the generousity of local community, companies and individuals provide the necessary resources for a true celebration:  games and prizes are enjoyed, a family meal is shared, and the culmination of the event is when every single child and youth receives a gift, especially for them.

Please help our youth in foster care to FLOURISH by donating specific gifts for our Holiday Party attending youth.


      • $25 for our teens ages 14-17 years old in foster care at either Target or Walmart (to maintain uniformity and avoid any conflicts with gender, ages, etc.)
      • Any amount for Walmart, Target, and other toy stores to purchase gifts appropriate for ages 4-13 years old in foster care


      • Age appropriate toys (i.e. Barbie dolls, games, etc.) valued  at $25 for children ages 4-12 years of age

*Note: We ask donors please be mindful of contributing any type of toys inciting violence (i.e. guns, weapons), clothing, and other inappropriate gifts, which will not be included.

3 Easy Steps to Make a Donation that will Change Lives for the Children and Families in Hawaii

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

1. Purchase your donation

2. Fill out the form below or contact us to arrange for the drop off

3. Drop off your donation at the specified time and place of your appointment

  • For information on other ways to donate, whether you are an individual or business, please contact usDirector of Development
    O: (808) 540-2534

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“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”