Supporting Loving Homes for Our Keiki

We are …

  • the youth in care at Ho’omalu O Na Kamali’i, the State’s only temporary shelter where brothers and sisters can stay together in the same home while waiting for placement or reunification;
  • the sibling group of five, heading to the beach on a Saturday afternoon with two volunteers dedicated to maintaining this precious sibling connection through Project Visitation
  • the two ladies who received their Master’s degrees, now moving on towards doctorate degrees in social work, completely funded thanks to the Continuing Education and Training Program funded through Casey Family Programs;
  • the Family Strengthening Center that teaches broken families the skills to become whole again;
  • the Enhancements Program, which covers the fees for keiki in care to participate in the soccer youth league or complete their homework assignments on brand new, working laptops without their family of eight fighting for use of the computer;
  • the almost-disappointed seventeen-year-old, who thought he would never be adopted, finds a family who takes him in with open arms three months before his 18th birthday;
  • and the Voluntary Case Management services, where caseworkers encourage families to make the necessary changes while they still have the time… and their keiki;

All of these faces are those who are served in the multitude of programs we run on a daily basis. At Family Programs Hawaii, we take the time and put in the hard work and effort to make the best of any situation and to achieve… success. And to us, success means supporting loving homes for our keiki.

Gifting Items and Acts of Service

Additional Information

  • For information on other ways to donate, whether you are an individual or business, please contact Alana Anderson, Director of Development by calling (808) 540-2534 or email.
  • All donations are in USD. If a donation is made from an international bank account, there may be additional fees incurred with that transaction.
  • If you are making a gift in honor or memoriam of someone, please email us, so we may send a customized message to that individual.