Voluntary Case Management



The Voluntary Case Management (VCM) Program serves families on Oahu who have been referred by Child Welfare Services (CWS) following a report to the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline. The family is identified as “moderate to moderate high risk” and assigned a case manager who addresses the range of family system issues that place children at risk of child abuse and neglect. Our goal is to strengthen families so they can remain together and out of the foster care system.




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Voluntary Case Management (VCM)

Although this program is a newly added service in 2022, Voluntary Case Management has been in existance in Hawaii for many years, and had been a program of Family Programs Hawaii in the past. We are excited to offer these services again to our community to strengthen families, keeping them together and out of the foster care system.

One of our case managers shared a story about a referral that Family Programs Hawaii worked through the VCM Program. The client was referred to the program due to reports of domestic violence. The VCM Program supported the client through their current situation through case management services, resources, emotional support, and connected them with partner agencies that work specifically with victims of domestic violence. As a result, the client made the decision to separate from their partner and was able to emancipate themselves from their current situation. They are now working toward supporting themselves and their family and raising their children in a safe and healthy environment. This is just one of the success stories that come out of the VCM Program here in our organization. Our goal is to ensure that every family can remain a family under the best possible circumstances.


Case Management services offered to help families address issues of alleged abuse and neglect.


VCM families are referred by the Hawaii State Child Welfare Services.



Salome Bala


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