Helping Hawaii's Children Remain in Healthy Homes


Helping Hawaii's Children & Families Involved with the Foster Care System


Helping Hawaii's Foster Youth Become Successful Adults
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We Help Kids

Children are Hawaii’s most valuable resource. They are our future. Family Programs Hawaii is a unique non-profit agency remaining true to its origins of providing quality care to the children of Hawaii. Our goal is that every child in Hawaii has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Our heart represents the many complexities of foster care. The colors symbolize our three areas of service: prevention, transition, and support.

Upcoming Events

Family Registration for the 19th Annual Holiday Party for Children in Foster Care

Resource, Guardianship & Adoptive Families are invited to attend this wonderful free event.

Bring the holidays to children in foster care!

Donate or Sponsor the 19th Annual Holiday Party for children in foster care.

The Family Strengthening Center
Strengthening Families to Keep Them Together
Wendy’s Wonderful Kids
Provides social work services to find the best adoptive home for a child.
Hoomalu O Na Kamalii
Temporary shelter for children who have been removed from their homes.
Funds activities such as tutoring, self-esteem programs & special events.
YES Hawaii
Provides peer support, healthy socialization & outreach services for youth.
It Takes an Ohana
Aims to improve the quality of foster care by empowering resource families.
Peer Engagement & Knowledge
Teaches youth at risk to make healthier choices in their lives.
Resource Families Support Services
Offers a variety of support services for foster families statewide.
Project Visitation
Strengthens relationships for siblings living in separate foster homes.
Nau E Koho
Providing guidance for at risk and Hawaiian youth entering college
Continuing Education & Job Training
Aims to increase the number of youth in foster care to continue education.
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