Hoʻomalu o Na Kamaliʻi

Hoʻomalu o Na Kamaliʻi (“Protection and Safety for Children”) is a temporary emergency shelter on the West Coast of Oahu set up to provide short-term housing for children and sibling groups for up to 30 – 45 days until suitable placement or reunification can happen. Due to current challenges, placement options are not as available as it was in the past. This has resulted in much longer stays for our youth at the shelter, many of whom remain in excess of a year.




Nadine Dudoit 




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Ho’omalu ‘O Na Kamalii

Hoʻomalu staff lovingly provide consistent stability and genuine heartfelt care until the children, youth, and sibling groups can be reunited with [a] family. In collaboration with several community partners, at Hoʻomalu, they experience many cultural, social, and educational experiences and receive countless opportunities for social, emotional, physical, and academic growth as an individual and in a group setting.


Temporary shelter and protection

• Child development activities
• Transportation to and from school on Leeward Coast
• Therapy from The Family Strengthening Center


Department of Human Services

The home serves children ages 4 through 17 in the child welfare system.  Preference is given to children on the Leeward Coast of Oahu.


Leeward Coast, Oahu, Hawaii

The ten bedroom home accommodates 15 children ages 4-17 and provides 24/7 staffing, access to social workers and other health professionals in Hawaii.

Nadine Dudoit


“Ho’omalu o na Kamali’i  is the only shelter in the United States providing a unique, safe, nurturing, home-like environment rich in island culture and family values. Ho’omalu is an important part of the local community and the families it serves. The staff is excellent at what they do, providing quality care for the many children and youth, their challenges, and special needs.  A sanctuary of sorts, Ho’omalu o na Kamali’i brings a sense of calm to a space and time where our children and youth in foster care can prepare for the next steps of their journey.”

Children’s Voices

“What it’s like at Hoʻomalu… What I really experienced at Ho’omalu is that the staff over here has really helped me recover from what I deal with. The staff over here are really helpful to kids. Staff feed us well over here. They’re always there when we need them. They really help me become a better person. We all appreciate what staff do for all the kids that came here. We really appreciate of how much effort they put into their job. Aunty….I love you so much.”

-Nay Nay (she/her)
(Youth is 12 years old has had multiple long term stays at Ho’omalu for the past two years)

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All the items our own kids need, these kids need too. Help by donating gently used items listed below.

Childcare & Therapy Volunteers

Give your time and talents to children in need. Hoomalu Volunteers must have a background in working with trauma.

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