Ho'omalu 'O Na Kamalii

Safety and Protection for Children in Hawaii, Children’s Shelter


Hoomalu O Na Kamalii provides temporary shelter to children on Oahu, Hawaii who are involved with the foster care system. Hoomalu is a unique shelter, allowing siblings to stay together in a home-like environment while awaiting placement.



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Ho’omalu ‘O Na Kamalii

Ho’omalu ‘O Na Kamalii, a receiving home for children entering the child welfare system on Oahu, Hawaii opened in April 2009. The goal of the home is to keep children safe until they can be reunified with their parents, placed with appropriate kin or with culturally similar resource parents in their community.

Sibling groups are able to stay together in the home, greatly reducing the trauma of being removed from their home. Most children are able to remain in their home school while they are assessed and transitioned into safe and loving permanent homes.

COVID-19 Update:

Our Receiving Home remains open to CWS youth and children.  We have added protocols to allow us to isolate a youth if needed while still caring for them.


Temporary shelter and protection

• Child development activities
• Transportation to and from school on Leeward Coast
• Therapy from The Family Strengthening Center


Department of Human Services

The home serves children ages 4 through 17 in the child welfare system.  Preference is given to children on the Leeward Coast of Oahu.


Leeward Coast, Oahu, Hawaii

The ten bedroom home accommodates 15 children ages 4-17 and provides 24/7 staffing, access to social workers and other health professionals in Hawaii.

Nadine Dudoit



*in the video above, Joshua Gaoteote, Staff Member (former Program Manager)

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Children’s Voices

It was really difficult because we were split up for so long. If we had had a family or place to take all of us in and keep us together, it would have been way better.”

-child formerly in foster care, Hoomalu O Na Kamalii

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Give your time and talents to children in need. Hoomalu Volunteers must have a background in working with trauma.

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