The Enhancements program supports children and youth in foster care by providing funding for items and services that allow them to enjoy a quality of life similar to that of their peers, as well as items that help the transition into adulthood. This includes registration fees for sports or school activities, special events, documents and much needed items like laptops for school.


In 2023, we were able to assist youth in receiving numerous tablets and laptops for school, bikes, athletic equipment, educational toys, travel with their families, as well as classes for therapeutic horseback riding, swimming, and dance! We love helping youth discover new interests and develop new skills. After receiving a laptop, one youth wrote to us and said, “Mahalo nui loa for your contribution towards my laptop! Iʻm excited to use my tools to take me far in my schooling path to nursing.”



Chiyomi Chow, LSW



Annual Number of Youth Enhancements

Dollars In Enhancement Funds for Items & Services to Youth

Enhancements Eligibility

Recipients of enhancement funds must meet the following criteria
• Is placed by a Hawaii state agency in a kinship, foster, respite, guardianship, permanent custody or adoptive family (Geist Foundation)
• Under 21, if still in high school
• Resides in Hawaii
• Be in need of financial assistance


• To secure enhancement funds for youth who qualify
• We work with the social workers, foster families, and/or other professionals involved


Statewide, Hawaii

How to Apply for Enhancements

To apply for enhancements, you must be a Social Worker or Guardian Ad Litum (GAL). Applications filled out by others will not be accepted. Please fill out the online form by clicking the button below or use this pdf form.

Voices from our Families

“Without your help my foster grandkids would never have been able to experience the excitement of a plane ride, much less Disneyland. They have been neglected for so long and just to see them so happy makes me feel good.”

– Foster Grandparent

Chiyomi Chow, LSW


Mahalo to Our Funders & Changemakers