Enhancing the lives of youth who are at risk, in foster care, or have been abused or neglected


Enhancement grants are available to improve and enhance the lives of children in foster care or children who have been abused or neglected. Activities and items funded can include tutors, summer school tuition, self-esteem programs such as sports, dance, scouting, martial arts, music, special events (proms, graduation, travel), and special projects such as back to school items.



Sean Perez, MBA



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Annual Number of Youth Enhancements

Dollars In After School Activities

Dollars in Extracurricular Acivities

Enhancements Eligibility

Recipients of enhancement funds must meet the following criteria
• Is placed by a Hawaii state agency in a kinship, foster, respite, guardianship, permanent custody or adoptive family (Geist Foundation)
• Have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or lived in a home where abuse has occurred (Hughes Trust)
• Under the age of 18 (Hughes Trust) or under 21 if still in high school (Geist Foundation)
• Resides in Hawaii
• Be in need of financial assistance


• To secure enhancement funds for youth who qualify
• We work with the social workers, foster families, and/or other professionals involved


Statewide, Hawaii

Voices from our Families

“Without your help my foster grandkids would never have been able to experience the excitement of a plane ride, much less Disneyland. They have been neglected for so long and just to see them so happy makes me feel good.”

– Foster Grandparent

Sean Perez, MBA


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