Continuing Education & Job Training

Aims to increase the number of youth in foster care to continue education and create careers


Family Programs Hawaii offers quality long term foster care through its offices in Honolulu and Hilo. Social Workers and staff team with foster parents, schools, birth families, and community services to assist youth in developing the knowledge and skills needed for self sufficiency.

Chet Okayama



Percentage of Youth who Received High School Diplomas or GED

Percentage Accepted into Secondary Education

Percentage Completed More than a Year of Secondary Education

Continuing Education & Job Training

Social work staff team with foster parents, schools, birth families and community services to assist youth in developing knowledge and skills needed for self sufficiency.


• Continuing education and job training services for foster youth to prepare for adulthood
• Support for emancipating youth to help them become self-sufficient and successful adults
• Increase the number of foster youth graduating high school and continuing on to post-secondary education
• CEJT scholarship and financial aid


Oahu and East Hawaii (Hilo)

This program is NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW YOUTH. However, any child who received Casey services for at least one year is eligible for this program to apply for post high school support through the Continuing Education and Job Training component.

Youth Voices

It was really difficult because we were split up for so long. If we had had a family or place to take all of us in and keep us together, it would have been way better.”

-child formerly in foster care, Hoomalu O Na Kamalii

Chet Okayama


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