Helping Hawaii’s Children and Families Involved in the Foster Care System

Giving Hope to Families & Youth
Kids and families need help from time to time. Our goal is to provide support to children and families in need through education, community resources, and advocacy. Family-centered practices and activities provide children with a sense of hope and wholeness and builds upon their social and emotional competence. Our programs are designed to help families make achievable and realistic lifestyle changes. When siblings are separated in care, we value the importance of maintaining their connection through visits.

Our Story About Support – Protecting, Healing, and Nurturing
Siblings that had not seen each other in 2 ½ years were reconnected through Camp, a product of our program Project Visitation. The sister in foster care on Oahu said of her brother and sister in foster care in Hilo, “The more I attend the visitations, the closer and closer I feel to my siblings. The younger ones aren’t shy anymore and it’s like Aunty Sue and Katrina [volunteers] are family.”


Funds activities such as tutoring, self-esteem programs & special events for children at-risk and in foster care

It Takes an Ohana

Advocacy with law makers to improve the quality of foster care by empowering resource families

Peer Engagement & Knowledge

Teaches youth who are at risk to make healthier choices in their lives

Project Visitation

Strengthens relationships for siblings living in separate foster homes

Resources Families Support Services

Offers a variety of support services for foster families statewide

YES Hawaii

Provides peer support, healthy socialization, & outreach services for youth