Hoololi Mua No Ke Ola Senior Program

“To move forward with change in growth”

Hoololi Mua No Ke Ola Senior Program (HSP) guides high school seniors in out-of-home placements to successfully prepare for and enter postsecondary education, vocational and employment training in East Hawaii (Big Island Hawaii).

We seek to improve the success rate of out-of-home placed foster youth graduating from high school or obtaining a GED. We want to increase the number of foster youth in Hawaii entering into higher education or vocational programs directly after high school by supporting a successful transition to independence.

Obtained GED/High School Diploma

Accepted to secondary education

Hired after attending employment training


Ho‘ololi mua no ke ola serves GED and high school seniors in East Hawaii (Big Island Hawaii), ages 17-21, who are in out-of-home placement, foster care, adoption, guardianship, or Power of Attorney.


East Hawaii (Big Island Hawaii)


Services offered to prepare transitioning foster youth to enter and successfully complete post-secondary education or vocational training include:
• Independent living skills
• Vocational and educational assistance
• Career and interest exploration
• Employment training
• Setting educational or vocational goals
• Support in choosing, applying for, and enrolling in educational or vocational training
• Assistance in completing financial aid forms and scholarship applications
• Educational advising, tutoring, training, and monthly progress meetings


Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation



Your past does not define your future; your destiny is what you make it to be.”

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