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Volunteer Opportunities

For the Annual Holiday Party for Youth in Foster Care

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Join Us at the 2021 Annual Holiday Party: Encourage + Empower = Flourish

For nearly seventeen years now, Family Programs Hawaii has organized a holiday celebration for our beloved youth, cherished families, and dedicated resource caregivers in foster care. And today, one year later, we are even more determined to provide a special day for everyone to come together and celebrate.

Please join us at our 23rd Annual Holiday Party dedicated to the Foster Care Community this December. Focusing on our mission of strengthening youth and families, we will create an opportunity for each and every child in Oahu’s foster care system to flourish. We welcome friends and family to our 2021 drive-thru event.

Please help us! Volunteers are needed for pre-event, onsite, and post-event assistance. Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

-Gift wrappers for Santa’s presents
*each group will be private groups of 10 or less
-Transportation of toys and supplies
-Toy & Gift Card Drive: Hosts

-Set-up of sponsor and giveaway booths, food booths, and gift booths
-Sign wavers and greeters
-Booth personnel (non-sponsor booths)
-Food box assembly and distribution
-Gift assembly designated by families and distribution

-Set-down of booths
-Clean-up (trash, collecting re-useable decorations)
-Transportation of remaining toys and supplies

“If we want our youth to flourish, to truly become empowered, then let us allow them to experience the strength of what unlimited encouragement can do.”