11th Annual Conference for Resource Families


Trauma Changes the Brain: 

Making Sense of Challenging Behaviors

Come and join us for an open and candid discussion that will inspire and challenge participants to:

  • Gain a general knowledge of brain development from infancy through young adulthood
  • Learn how brain development influences behavior
  • Learn how trauma can negatively impact the brain during this development
  • Learn how trauma increases a child’s vulnerability to human trafficking
  • Learn how as a caring adult, you can help the child be successful in spite of the trauma
  • Learn why peer relationships are critical and how you can influence these relationships



Kathy Bentley headshot, speaker for FPH RFSS 11th Annual Conference for Resource FamiliesKathy Bentley, is a nationally recognized Parent Educator and the owner of Kathy’s  Parenting Solutions. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Masters in Counseling Services. Kathy has experience working with incarcerated parents, resource caregivers, teen parents, homeless families, grandparents raising grandchildren, and families involved with Child Welfare Services as well as nuclear and blended families.

In 2004 Parenting Press selected Kathy as one of the 12 Outstanding Parent Educators in North America. Kathy has been a certified Gurian Institute Trainer since 2007. She was a contributor to the Family Road Map manual for families with special needs children. Kathy is a member of the Kaneohe Community Family Center Advisory Board, the Waianae Neighborhood Place Advisory Board and the Hawaii Coalition for Dads Steering Committee. Kathy is a member of the National Parenting Education Network, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the National Council on Family Relations.

 Veronica Lamb, guest speaker for FPH RFSS 11th Annual Conference for Resource CaregiversVeronica Lamb, has worked directly with human trafficking survivors in Hawaii since 2008. She has  mentored over 100 survivors (male, female, and children) and lived with most of them while running one of the only trafficking safe homes on Oahu. Veronica is the Social Justice Director for Bluewater Mission and is a Victim Specialist with Susannah Wesley Community Center’s Trafficking Victim Assistance Program.


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