Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program offers proactive, child-focused recruitment of adoptive families for children who have been placed in long-term foster care.  Sponsored by the Dave Thomas Foundation, this unique program provides intensive social work services to find the best adoptive home for a child by exploring all facets of the child’s family, school, and friendship circles, as well as recruiting families from the broader community.

Watch this short video on the program.

Location: O‘ahu

Eligibility: All children, ages 0-17, who are in the permanent care of the Department of Human Services Child Welfare System are eligible for the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.


  • Opportunities for foster youth to connect
  • Case management services for children in long-term foster care who are ready for adoption
  • Recruitment and screening of adoptive families and legal guardians
  • Development of a customized recruitment plan for each child
  • Completion of in-depth case reviews and assessments to determine each child’s strengths, challenges, desires, and preparedness for adoption/guardianship
  • Training and support for adoptive parents
  • Public education and promotion of adoption


  • Increase the number of foster children placed with loving, adoptive or guardianship families
  • Develop supportive and warm relationships with children waiting to be adopted/legal guardianship
  • Provide information and resources to prospective and adoptive/guardianship parents
  • Increase community awareness of foster care adoption
  • Streamline the adoption process
  • Improve the quality of life for children in the permanent care of the Dept. of Human Services by providing a “forever” family

Dave Thomas Foundation

Teresa Berg, Case Manager – 540-2552

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